How to Clean the Gold Rings?

The gold rings, as an ancient and eternal jewelry, carries profound cultural connotations and people’s longing for a better life. As a wedding ring, gift, or daily accessory during the daily wearing process, how to clean the gold ring? So there are several ways to clean a gold ring with dirt.

Jeulia Gold Emerald Cut Men's Band
Jeulia Gold Emerald Cut Men’s Band

1. Salt and vinegar cleaning method for Gold Rings

Make a simple mixed cleaner with salt and vinegar, and then use it to clean the gold ring, which can also make the ring old and new.

2. Toothpaste rice soup cleaning method for Gold Rings

Use toothpaste or hot rice soup to scrub the ring, or you can clean the black on the surface of the gold ring to make it shine again.

3. Neutral laundry detergent cleaning method

Soak the gold ring in a mixture of cold water and neutral laundry detergent for 15 minutes, then gently brush the surface with a soft bristled toothbrush. It is best to rinse with cold water to remove any stains on the surface. Remember not to use tap water or acidic or alkaline laundry detergent directly, otherwise it will corrode the gold ring.

4. Flower Dew Glycerol Cleaning Method

If your gold ring is set with diamonds or other gemstones, you can wet it with a cotton swab in a mixture of floral water and glycerin, then gently scrub the surface of the ring, and finally use a soft velvet cloth to polish the ring.

5. Send to a professional jewelry store

The most direct way is to send the gold ring to a professional jewelry store for maintenance, so that your gold ring will be as shiny as new.

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