2024 Paris Olympic Medals

2024 Paris Olympic Medals

The Olympic medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are designed differently. The Paris Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024, and the Paralympics will be held from August 28 to September 8.
2024 Paris Olympic Medals
In the center of the Olympic medals are the Statue of Victory and the Panathinaiko Stadium, which hosted the first modern Olympic Games. The iconic Greek buildings of the Acropolis and the iconic French Eiffel Tower are carved on both sides. On the other side of the Paralympic medal is a pattern that looks up from a low angle directly below the iron tower, with the words “Paris” and “2024” written in common Braille on both sides.
According to medal designer Long Sang, these metal materials come from the beams and other parts replaced during the renovation process of the Eiffel Tower. After removing the surface paint, they are restored to the original color of the metal materials, and then cut into hexagonal shapes to be embedded on one side of the medal.
“Winning an Olympic medal is a remarkable achievement, and we hope to leave more profound memories of France for our athletes. The Eiffel Tower is the best choice and also our most precious gift,” said Long Sang.
The ribbons used to hang Olympic and Paralympic medals are also distinguished in color, with Olympic medals in blue and Paralympic medals in red.
The Eiffel Tower, as a landmark building in France, represents the pride and resilience of the French people. Using the dismantled metal parts to make Olympic medals undoubtedly further elevates the symbolic significance of this tower. It symbolizes the perseverance and courage of every athlete in the arena, as well as their determination and courage to strive for their dreams.

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