How to Clean a Silver Ring?

Silver rings have become increasingly popular in daily life. In order to better maintain the luster and appearance of silver rings, we need to clean them in some time. So how do we clean a  silver ring? Jeulia provided us with a detailed plan about silver ring cleaning.

Jeulia Knot Round Cut Sterling Silver Interchangeable Ring Set
Jeulia Knot Round Cut Sterling Silver Interchangeable Ring Set

Clean with toothpaste

Dip a toothbrush in a little toothpaste and wipe the surface of the silver ring. When wiping the ring, it is important to be careful, especially at the joints or inlays, as dirt can be hidden deep. Therefore, when using toothpaste to wipe, it is important to be thorough. After wiping, rinse with clean water to restore the luster of the silver ring.

Wiping silver cloth

When purchasing silverware at a jewelry store, a silver wiping cloth is always given as a gift. Silver wiping cloth is a specialized cloth for wiping silverware and has strong cleaning ability. Just a gentle wipe with a silver cloth can instantly restore the shine of the silver ring when it was first purchased.

Silver washing water

There is a silver washing water specifically available on the market for cleaning silverware. Pour silver washing water into the measuring instrument, immerse the silver ring in silver washing water for 3-5 minutes, then take it out, gently wipe it with soft fur, and finally rinse it with clean water to restore its function.

Alum solution

First, use a measuring device to hold a cup of warm water and add alum. The ratio of warm water to alum is approximately 10:1. Stir and dissolve the mixture to form a solution. Then, put the silver ring into water and soak it for a period of time. After removing it, rinse it with clean water and wipe it dry with a dry cloth. The previously dull and dull ring immediately regains its brightness.

Jeulia "Colorful Sky" Butterfly Inlaid Sterling Silver Women's Band
Jeulia “Colorful Sky” Butterfly Inlaid Sterling Silver Women’s Band

Compared to other materials, silver rings are more cost-effective. The finger on which to wear a silver ring can be determined based on personal preference. Although the price of silver rings is not high, it is also important to clean a  silver ring if necessary. Wearing a bling silver ring in your finger may be a good choice for your work time in the official.

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