Contrasting Color Desing Jewelry

The most suitable romantic and passionate jewelry element for summer is definitely contrasting color jewelry! Especially in the design expression of colored gemstone jewelry works, the clever contrast between the main stone and the supporting stone is often an excellent trick for colored gemstones to appear more colorful and vibrant.

What is contrasting color design?

In fact, this is a special color expression technique, which involves juxtaposing two or more color blocks of different colors. Thus, one can feel the visual impact brought by the strong contrast between these colors, and it is also the collision of these color differences that brings a very special kind of beauty. Originally used in interior design, design is interconnected, so its application in jewelry is also very effective, bringing stunning visual impact and fashion sense.
There are many types of color combinations for jewelry, and the most common color combination is complementary color. Two colors that appear to conflict greatly are those that form a 180 ° angle on the color ring, such as red+green, yellow+purple, blue+orange, etc., which are common color combinations.
Another type is the contrasting colors of different brightness in the same color scheme, presenting a gradient texture, like the summer sunrise and sunset, gentle and hot. Alternatively, it could be a combination of cool and warm color tones, creating a unique natural atmosphere.

Suitable for contrasting color jewelry styles

In jewelry, from light contrasting colors with fresh hues to fun contrasting colors with youthful and vibrant colors, they are all choices that highlight personality and taste. In addition to common contrasting colors, there are also some styles that are very suitable for contrasting design.

Double Stone Ring

Contrasting Color Desing-Jeulia Simple Pear Cut Heart Shape Sterling Silver Ring
Contrasting Color Desing-Jeulia Simple Pear Cut Heart Shape Sterling Silver Ring

The twin stone ring, also known as “Toi et Moi”, in French means you and me, while in jewelry design, it represents a unique form of ring with two main stones. This type of double gemstone ring was popular in Europe from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, and people believed that the two gemstones symbolized the intertwined emotions and commitments between lovers.

Three Stone Ring

Contrasting Color-Jeulia Classic Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Contrasting Color-Jeulia Classic Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring

The contrasting three stone ring shares similarities and differences with the double stone ring. A three stone ring usually has the largest central stone as the main stone, and the symmetrical left and right sides as auxiliary stones. It is mostly symmetrically inlaid in shape and structure, highlighting the beauty of balance.
In terms of the color arrangement of gemstones, three stone rings have different choices. The common color arrangement is ABA, and there are also ABC color arrangements, where the middle gemstone is the main stone and different colors are used as auxiliary stones on the left and right sides, which are both exquisite and unique.
Not only can the three stone ring have contrasting colors, but the three stone necklace is also a good choice. The style of the three stone necklace is more flexible, with richer colors and more choices. It can be paired with different styles of three stone necklaces according to different occasions, highlighting unique temperament and taste. It is a beautiful scenery line of urban fashion.

Upper and Lower Multi Stone Necklace

Jeulia “The Starry Night” Round Cut Sterling Silver Necklace

The multi stone necklaces are specially designed from the starry night by Van Gogh, Picass. The arrangement of the yellow stones can be cut in different ways, and the blue stone color can be matched with yellow stone color, presenting a strong and jumping jewelry color contrast overall.

Multi colored gemstone jewelry

Jeulia “Tenderness in The Pond” Water Lilies Inspired Sterling Silver Stacking Ring

Multicolor jewelry has always been the eye-catching focus of fashion, with bold and exaggerated contrasting colors that reflect the wearer’s attitude of rejecting dullness and boredom. It is a powerful tool for them to showcase their fashion talent.
The Blooming Flowers Series cleverly combines and collides various natural tourmalines, just like the blooming flowers in summer, fresh and natural. This summer, having such a fresh scenery is simply everyone’s welfare!

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