Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Why Does Birthstone Jewelry Become So Popular?

Ages ago birthstones were believed to be the lucky charm for an individual. Not only lucky charm but also something that brought health, good omen and a protector from the evil eye. People used to wear their birthstones according to the month of birth. Magical powers held by the stones were believed to influence the wearer’s overall life.

Even now it has become very trendy. People are preferring to wear birthstones carved into jewelry. As fashion or due to its mystical nature?  We cannot completely know.

You want to know what your birthstone is according to your birth month. Below is the list which will help you figure that out:

  1. Garnet- January Birthstone Jewelry 

January Birthstone Jewelry

The person born in January is associated with the stone Garnet. It’s a deep red crystal. Garnet indicates peace and harmony, can counter back black magic and evil energies. It is known that garnet brings bad luck upon the unrightfully possessor and the ones it is returned to the rightful one. There are other colors as well of garnet stone which include yellow, green, orange, black, purple, pink, and colorless. A wide variety to choose from.

  1. Amethyst- February Birthstone Jewelry

February Birthstone Jewelry

A beautiful purple/indigo stone is associated with the person born in February. This stone possesses the power of protection and can overcome trouble. It is known to heal problems in blood, heart, lungs and also cure hindrance in breathing. It strengthens relationships and the bond of love. As well as brings mental and emotional peace to the wearer. Purple amethyst states of harmony, soberness, tranquility, and sovereignty.

  1. Aquamarine- March Birthstone Jewelry

March Birthstone Jewelry

It was believed that the sailors who wore this stone while sailing in the ocean were protected from all the dangers during their journey. This stone is of blue color. This stone brings optimism, admiration, and youth. It has the healing power of reawakening affection in a troublesome marriage. Talking about the biological healing, it is considered to be a good charm for pregnant women. It guards birth the baby and the mother. It can cure thyroid related problems and regulate proper flow of hormones. Fever and cold can also be cured if the stone is wore.

  1. Diamond- April Birthstone Jewelry

April Birthstone Jewelry

As stunning and precious as this stone is, so are its properties. For the people born in April, diamond is the symbol of pureness, virtuousness, infinity and bravery. It not only brings good heath and strength to the wearer but also enhances the power of other crystals. But the important fact to be kept in mind is that it enhances both positive and negative energy. It strengthens brain, builds up stamina and metabolism. As well as treats all kinds of allergies.

  1. Emerald- May Birthstone Jewelry

May Birthstone Jewelry

For the people born in May, emerald is a significant stone. It symbolizes affection, revival and fruitfulness, intelligence, development and serenity. It cures and strengthens muscular system, heart, lungs, and spinal problems. As well as aids infections, sinuses and enhances vision.

  1. Pearl- June Birthstone Jewelry

June Birthstone Jewelry

For the people born in June Pearls symbolizes chastity, restraint and improves marriage relationships. It calms a racing mind and controls aggression. It helps the wearer to succeed in creative work as well improved the bond of marriage. If we talk about its healing properties it cures all kind of digestive problems as well as skins’. It cures nausea and can help the wearer while giving birth.

  1. Ruby- July Birthstone Jewelry

July Birthstone Jewelry

For the people born in July, ruby symbolizes tranquility and peace. According to Hindus it is considered to be the “King of Gems”. As long as this stone is wore it will protect the individual from the evil eye. Its stunning deep red color indicates fondness, desire as well honor and power. It cures weariness and purifies the blood and lymphatic system. It supports internal organs; specially kidneys and reproductive organs.

   8. Peridot- August Birthstone Jewelry

August Birthstone Jewelry

The fine-looking light green stone is allied with the people born in August. It is even called “The evening of Emerald”. Having unique properties it regulates one’s cycle of life, emotional, spiritual and physical. It develops self-confidence and declaration, and stimulates overall growth of an individual. It sharpens memory and stimulates ones’ mind to spiritual dimension. It has many biological benefits as well, including the cure of depression, bipolar, hypochondria. Treating lungs, heart, and intestinal problems.

  1. Sapphire- September Birthstone Jewelry

September Birthstone Jewelry

This elegant stone is known to be lucky for the people born in September. It guards a person against evil eye and poisoning. It is believed to be so powerful that even a lethal snake would die if a vessel of sapphire is placed in front of it. Amazing, right? But that’s not it, it’s among the favorite stones of priests and kings. It treats all blood disorders and strengthens the veins and nerves of blood. It represents pride, assurance, pureness, and insight.

  1. Opal- October Birthstone Jewelry

October Birthstone Jewelry

For the people born in October, Opal stone has a great significance. It is derived from a Latin word Opalus meaning “precious stone”. The wearer of this stone will always be protected from the evil eye. It keeps the burning desire of passion and liveliness alive in a person. It has healing property for all kinds of infections and diseases. It eases PMS and comforts childbirth.

  1. Topaz- November Birthstone Jewelry

November Birthstone Jewelry

Topaz- the bringer of joy, is of great significance for the people born in November. It is a lot worthy spiritually. It brings good health and luck to the wearer. It stabilizes one’s emotions and induces relaxation and relief from negative energies. It alleviates all the virtuous elements in the wearer. It cures disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Topaz regulates energy in the mind and body where needed the most.

  1. Turquoise- December Birthstone Jewelry

December Birthstone Jewelry


For the people born in December. Turquoise is known for its purification curing and purification properties. It heals the whole body and regenerates tissues and cells, strengthening the immune system even more. It relaxes mind and body, keeps the evil. According to early tradition turquoise even changes its color when danger approaches.

Interesting facts, right? Now that you know your birthstone and their mystical powers, so why not use them in the best possible way and experience things you never did before?