How To Scheme The Proposal?

It is well known that marriage is the happy ending of love, and many fairy tales told us, “prince and princess lived happily from now on”. Before marriage, all girls dream that her loved one could carry the ring to propose to her at a special moment. And now the proposal already become popular, no one wants to leave a regret in the latter days, whether bride or bridegroom. Then how to scheme the proposal within budget?

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Best Father’s Day Presents – Personalized Jewelry And Charms

Jeulia Father's Day 2018
Jeulia Father’s Day 2018

What is a father? He is the people who always does his best to give us everything, and as great as a mountain. Although dad is not as careful as mum to care for us, his love lights our life path. they are always our superman or super dad.

2018 father’s day around the corner, have you prepared the best father’s day presents for your great father? Maybe you are facing with the big confusion, what can you buy? As a man, he doesn’t like the thing what mum likes, such as flowers, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. But we still can appreciate him with meaningful gifts.

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The Splendid Jewelry For New Year Party

After happy spending Christmas day, 2018 just around the corner, everyone must have numbers of parties to attend at this moment. The first one should be annual company New Year party. Well, it is really a vital occasion to anyone, because it is relevant to your careers in the next year, such as the promotion of position and salary. In order to avoid the little fault, you must do some classes in advanced. Here jeuliablog will emphasize the jewelry for New Year party for you. The perfect wear should pay attention to the details from clothing to accessories, even your heels. So what is the splendid jewelry for New Year party?

  1. Your engagement or wedding rings

Engagement or wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. They witness your love. Sparkling engagement rings represent loyalty and true love. These beautiful Jeulia engagement and wedding rings show versatility in their design, there is no doubt that it can add points to your appearance.

Jeulia Two Tone Leaf Design Round Cut Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring
Jeulia Two Tone Leaf Design Round Cut Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring $101.96

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Warm Christmas Gifts In Cold Winter

The holiday is coming and with them a question “what to give this Christmas?” Well, the answer to that question is very simple: Jeulia, your best Christmas gifts!

There is no better way to express your affection for someone than them, jewelry for being delicate and valuable objects helps to demonstrate how special a person is.

If the exchange of gifts is between the families, it is very likely that you have to give your grandmother or your aunts, earrings and necklace sets are ideal. Usually the most traditional of pearls or stones are the ones that please, besides, those with crystals also usually enchant even the less traditional people.

Jeulia Jewelry

In addition to the beautiful semi jewels which are the best gifts for any kind of person. For example, the scapulars are excellent as they are simple and delicate if you are giving your husband or father. If you are going to give a friend gifts and he is more stylish, Jeulia offers the most beautiful bracelets in silver.

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Jeulia Black Friday Sale, What Is Worth Shopping?

Time is so fast, after spending the global double 11 shopping day, Black Friday sale 2017 is saying hello to us. I just wonder if you received your express of double eleven. Now it has only a week away from Black Friday 2017, but jeulia black Friday sale has begun! It is 35% off sitewide. Have you shocked by the big deal? We can promise that it will be the lowest price ever since and even is the lowest on the market because the discount is based on our original price. Maybe you feel jeulia to be crazy, but in actuality, jeulia just wants to transmit our warm love to more people, and it is the original intention of jeulia jewelry as well. Facing with so many low-cost items, you must be a little dizzy. Today jeuliablog arranges an ideal strategy for you, and these sorts are the most valuable things to buy on jeulia. Let’s begin!

Engagement and Wedding rings

What is the best seller of jeulia jewelry? There is no doubt that they are engagement and wedding rings. Be honestly, engagement and wedding rings are our brand products. It is the best deal to purchase jeulia wedding and engagement jewelry if you get about to get engaged or marry, or it will be soon to meet your special day.

jeulia jewelry

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