Are You A Cat Or Dog Person?

Please don’t rush to answer this question or argue why my confusion appeared. This question is acting like who is the first for the existence of an egg or hen. Then why am I talking this cliche? Cause I find some new stuff. That is the connection between us and our cute dog and cat, some subtle connection with our personality.

How to judge which pet you prefer?

With the consideration of things being dynamic. Even including our emotions and sexual orientation. I thought I fancied dogs more than cats, topically. But I also felt happy when I saw a cat come after me. Then I think more specifically about ‘would I prefer a cat or a dog?’ Then I find that it indeed has some differences. Humans have a bug! We cannot help touching cute things. Haha. As for me, I act more excited when I saw a dog instead of a cat. You could think about it. That is true.

Some interesting phenomena we have found

Besides, some more interesting things we have found. If you are a dog person. Normally, you are more extroverted and initiative. In a love relationship, you are willing to pay out to your partner, even don’t care if they pay back, and vice versa. As a cat person, you are more introverted and passive. You are more likely to accept people loving you instead of initiatively loving people. That is so familiar with cats, right? That not means you guys are selfish. It is just more like your personal habits. That is not questionable.

Pet is always our good friend

Jeulia Hug Me "Death Witness" Black Cat Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Hug Me “Death Witness” Black Cat Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Welcome to come here now. If you are reading here, I bet you are at least a pet fan. This cutie pie gives us company without hesitation, and my love for them getting more with their company. And I have a lot of jewelry with animal designs. Jeulia has a cute animal collection named Hug Me. It can be called my favorite. You could look through it if you are interested, too.

Hug Me
Hug Me


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