What is The Point of Bags?  

If you are good at observation, then you will find people wearing bags everywhere. Some guys choose a paper bag, others are fond of leathers, and some love cloth bags, woven bags, etc. Then I was thinking, what exactly is the point of bags? Do people purposely take bags for convenience? I do not think so, more than that. Then this is the topic today. It is time to share my thoughts with you.  

Shoulder Bags Tote Bags Large Leather Purses and Handbags
Shoulder Bags Tote Bags Large Leather Purses and Handbags

It keeps our essentials in safe 

First of all, a bag can contain items. You can take something with your pocket when you have some small stuff. However, if you have some of them, you need a bag. But I want to talk about a handbag. It is convenient for people. Especially for women, you would like to carry some cosmetics, like lipstick, puff cake. Sometimes we also need to take some sanitary napkins, glasses, and ID. Women don’t have a large pocket like men. Thus, we do need a bag! It keeps the safety of our essentials.  

Showcasing people’s taste of fashion  

Once upon a time, a little girl… I’m joking. I’m not going to tell a story but I will tell you something about my friend. She tells me that being fashionable requires the help of accessories. Actually, in the beginning, I do not understand it. As time goes by, I find that is the truth. Accessories will promote the level of fashion. No matter a glasses or a bag, accessories have that magical effect. When choosing a bag to wear, people will pick it up according to their entire look, or you can say their style. Thus, that bag also improves the taste of that person.  

Beaded Handbag Leather Crocodile Pattern Shoulder bag
Jeulia Beaded Handbag Leather Crocodile Pattern Shoulder bag

Bags can offer a sense of security for girls  

I thought you are familiar with this. People always said that. Huh? But that is true. The feeling of unsafeness from women makes them nervous, but when they have their lovely bag, it is a symbol of confidence. As you may know, every man would like to wear a Rolex, and I thought bags for women equal watches to men. This feeling is like that the bag is subtly supporting you. Besides, bags will make women more elegant. For instance, when we attend a party or meeting, you are natural in your act if you have a handbag, but if you have nothing, your hands will have nowhere to go. That is not sheer but useful most of the time.  

I believe that no one hates handbags, as if we love flowers. Hence, if you prepare to purchase some gifts, please add bags to your shopping list. It will be fascinating!!! 

Crocodile Pattern Tote Top Handles Crossbody Bag
Crocodile Pattern Tote Top Handles Crossbody Bag

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