What Does COVID-19 Taught us?

Christmas is over, but the afterglow of the holiday has not faded. I looked at the Christmas decorations prepared by the roadside and saw the couples walking in the street and thought. Come to think of it, this year went by at such a quick speed. Not just in terms of time, but also affected by psychological cues. As we all know, the COVID-19 outbreak has been going on and it’s not over. Maybe a lot of people lost something, even someone who is important to us. But life goes on. Some have just become newlyweds, while others have become new parents. as long as life goes on, there is always hope.

The First Thing  COVID-19 Tells Me

In less than a week, it will be the New Year. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions in the works? Is the one you like already around you? Whatever your plan is, I hope you start early. As the pandemic goes on, I realize more and more that time waits for no one, and some things don’t get done, time just passes. So, do what you want to do as early as possible to prepare. If you like someone, tell him out loudly; If you prepare to propose to her, get yourself a ring. If you want to spend more time with your significant ones, spend more time with them. Stop thinking about when you have money, when you have time, etc.

Another One What I Realized

The other thing, the second thing COVID-19 has taught me. We don’t have to stick to a lot of rules. I always feel that being loved is one of the happiest feelings, or that only being loved is a happy thing, and I have a lot of expectations for others. But then I realized that loving someone actively is also an act that brings people happiness, rather than being loved. Offer to prepare a small gift for them during the holidays, prepare a meal for them after work, buy a slice of their favorite cake, etc. While these things are normal, no one will reject a person who treats others with heart. I can also bring joy to others instead of expecting a nice person to do something for me.

In The End

When I thought about these things, there was less worry in my life. What you want to do is to take the initiative to achieve. To help others within the scope of their ability, to be the person who takes the initiative to love others. My friends also wondered why I seemed a different person, more optimistic. I write these thoughts out, hoping that more people can think clearly, reduce worries, and cherish the present life happily. I also hope that the epidemic will get better and better. Then we can take off our masks as soon as possible and embrace our loved ones.

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