The Starry Night Jewelry—Art and Life

Do you know…? Of course, you know, nobody would have no idea about The Starry Night totally. Maybe someone has ignored that famous artist before, but after his tragic death. He getting known by the world. He is Vincent Van Gogh. One of the greatest post-impressionists’ painters.  

The Starry Night is painted in June 1889. Van Gogh was in the hospital at that time, but he was allowed to paint in the ground-floor studio. He was surfing in illness, he lives with pain and darkness, but he expresses the happiness and beauty to the public through his pain. There won’t be the second artist like him anymore.  

We got a lot of inspirations from him and his work. Our designer helps us to create these beautiful pieces. The Starry Night Jewelry composes the art and life, give us a deep impression and movement. It’s time to take a look at The Starry Night Jewelry with me. 

The Starry Night  Rings

The Starry Night Ring is matched with the rope pattern circle, the little starry night painting was rounded by 33 bling stones, gold color and white stone have a good effect on that print. No matter who wears this eye-catching ring. The guy will full of sense of art. Just like that person take a piece of art on the walk, I really love this. 

"Quiet Moment" The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver Ring
“Quiet Moment” The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver Ring

This is another one the starry night ring. This ring is more alive, it collects four colors, a lot of glistening color stone compose a vivid painting. Considering that it made by s925 silver, the cost-effective price is also attractive to me. No one will reject to the art. 

"Dreamy Secret" The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver Ring
“Dreamy Secret” The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver Ring

The Starry Night Jewelry-Necklace Series

You can find out from this picture that this necklace is so similar with the first starry night ring. I mean, the first photograph. Because they belong to the same collection. If you would like to bought a ring with a matching necklace, this will be a good combination. 

The Starry Night Necklace
The Starry Night Necklace

The Starry Night Jewelry-Earring Series

How cute they are! Do you know what is the most surprising me point? It can be divided into two pieces. 

You can wear the stud alone, or wear both of them directly. You could also match the starry night print earrings with any studs you want. Sounds great, right? 

Two Piece Sterling Silver Earrings
Two Piece Sterling Silver Earrings

I have no idea about what you guys think of The Starry Night Jewelry. But I really love them, if you interested in this series, you could click here, you will find all of them.  

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