The Best Time to Get into Marriage  

I have attended some wedding ceremonies this summer. All of the couples are so romantic. I’m happy for those new couples. Hoping they can have a dreamy life. In these couples, they are 27 years old, 30 years old, even some of them are more than 30s. Then I was wondering did we have the best time to get into marriage? As I always did. I will search for some answers. After that, I have thought by myself. And now I would like to share with you guys some ideas of my own.  


Have a conscientious attitude toward your relationship  

Some people may do not understand. What do you mean by a serious attitude? Are you saying that  I should buy her everything she wanted? Don’t be fret. Firstly, I want you guys to think about one thing. How did you two get together? Does he ask you ‘could you be my girlfriend?’, and brought you flowers, take dinner with you. Or you guys sleepover then feeling not bad, and then being together? It is different. Marriage is not the same as a relationship. Did he propose to you, holds the proposal ring, then ask you to marry him? If someone really loves you. They will treat this relation heartfully.   Do something to make you happy. Keep company when you are upset. Show up when you need. No matter difficulties here, they will try their best to be with you. 


You can be yourself  

Please consider this. If you feel comfortable when you spend time with that person? Do you pretend you are happy? Can you be yourself behind him? When you get married, you guys will spend almost all your time. Do you know their shortcomings? And can you accept that? These are so significant to think about it. Love is magic, but life is not. After years later, those original people are what keep company to you. Hence, if you guys prepare to get into marriage, figure them out together.  


Both of you are independence  

It is also a point. As you know, every person is an independent individual. However, If you guys need to live together, issues will appear as time goes by. Independence refers to personality independence and economic independence. We will be better when we being together, but each of us can live like other people. People be themself then could be husband, son, father, friends. Therefore, make sure him/she is an independent individual.  


In the end  

Before I have written this essay, I have found a result. Some experts said that 25 is the right age to get married. Cause people in this stage, they are not too old and not too young. And capable of taking care of themselves, the maturity level is much better. I think so. But sometimes, we don’t have the right time to do things. I want to tell you guys ‘Think before you leap’, if people could face facts and take responsibility, that is the right time to get into marriage, and this is not just for marriage.  



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