Princess Cut Ring, The Most Popular Ring Style

Well, before you start to list names of Disney princesses, let’s make something clear: the “princess” here is not some glamorous royal sweetie, it means princess cut.

Yeah, we are not talking about cartons. Sorry. What we are talking about, is rings, princess cut ring.

Or, more specifically, rings with princess cut gems. If you are about to marry, which engagement rings will you choose? Or what will you buy for your girlfriend?

The princess cut is a gem cut shape emerged in the 1960s. Along with round brilliant cut, it is now one of “the two most popular cut shapes” around the world. Experts believe that nowadays more than 60% ring gems are princess cut. More creators love to design princess cut because of the simple procedure and conservation of gem materials.

Exquisite Princess Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set
Exquisite Princess Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set (64% off)

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The Splendid Jewelry For New Year Party

After happy spending Christmas day, 2018 just around the corner, everyone must have numbers of parties to attend at this moment. The first one should be annual company New Year party. Well, it is really a vital occasion to anyone, because it is relevant to your careers in the next year, such as the promotion of position and salary. In order to avoid the little fault, you must do some classes in advanced. Here jeuliablog will emphasize the jewelry for New Year party for you. The perfect wear should pay attention to the details from clothing to accessories, even your heels. So what is the splendid jewelry for New Year party?

  1. Your engagement or wedding rings

Engagement or wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. They witness your love. Sparkling engagement rings represent loyalty and true love. These beautiful Jeulia engagement and wedding rings show versatility in their design, there is no doubt that it can add points to your appearance.

Jeulia Two Tone Leaf Design Round Cut Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring
Jeulia Two Tone Leaf Design Round Cut Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring $101.96

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