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Can Silver and K Gold Jewelry Touch Water?

The hot weather in summer makes many people like to go to places such as the beach and swimming pools where they can play with water to cool off. But in addition to playing in the water, many people, whether male or female, like to wear watches, jewelry, rings and other items. For many watch brands, in order to facilitate summer outdoor activities, they have anti splash or diving designs. However, for jewelry, especially simple and easy to wear rings, is it a good choice to wear them in the swimming pool or underwater world?
Many people like to wear accessories to swim or play in the water, but is this really good for silver and k gold jewelry metals or gemstones?

1. Can diamond rings or gemstones touch water

We all know that diamonds are the hardest stones on the Mohs hardness scale, but even the hardest things can be damaged if not properly protected. For example, repeatedly exposing diamonds to swimming pools containing irritating chemicals or coming into contact with cleaning agents is a very unwise approach. Chlorine in the pool can have varying degrees of negative effects on diamonds or other gemstones on the ring, such as discoloration.

If your ring is composed of different gemstones, it is also important to note that natural gemstones such as pearls, lapis lazuli, and turquoise can lose their moisture and dry up and fade after prolonged exposure to water. Therefore, no matter what gemstones are on the ring, remove them before swimming or touching water, after all, keeping them in their original state is the most important thing.

2. Touching water can affect the inlay tightness

Precious metals embedded with gemstones can also be affected by pool water. For example, when chlorine interacts with metals, it can loosen the inlay of diamonds or other gemstones. As a result, the diamonds or gemstones protected inside can be easily damaged, and in severe cases, they may even fall off.

3. Can pure silver touch water

Silver jewelry is increasingly favored by people. Generally speaking, silver has stable chemical properties, low activity, and is not easily corroded by chemicals, so it can come into contact with water. But be careful not to touch chemicals with strong acidity or alkalinity, and it is recommended to use a silver cloth to wipe and clean every time you wear it, whether or not it comes into contact with water.

4. Can gold or platinum touch water

Let’s take a look at gold, K-gold, or platinum rings. Although some people are certain that the water in the swimming pool will never affect gold, especially high-purity gold rings. Wearing gold rings and washing hands will not cause any changes to the gold rings. However, if worn for a long time, chemicals in the swimming pool will still cause them to change color. Moreover, most people nowadays do not wear pure gold but K-gold, which belongs to alloy rings. Therefore, it is even more important to be aware that there is a risk of cracking or turning black after contact with irritating chemicals.

Alloy jewelry should pay attention to the risk of cracking or turning black after contact with irritating chemicals.

5. Seawater is also very dangerous

Besides swimming pool water, saltwater pools are not very good for rings either. Contact with salt water can corrode the welding part of the ring, for example, the copper content in rose gold is very high, and contact with salt water will accelerate the corrosion degree of rose gold. For diamonds or other gemstones, salt water can cause damage to the stone surface, making it impossible to reflect light, and this damage is permanent. Therefore, it is important to avoid contact between the ring and high salt water.

6. Pay attention to items such as sunscreen

We have been talking about the impact of water on the ring, but don’t forget that mosquito prevention spray, lotion and sunscreen will also pose a threat to your ring. Don’t be fooled by how sunscreen protects your skin, but it doesn’t protect the ring at all. When the ring is coated with sunscreen, it’s like adding a thin film to prevent gemstones or precious metals from shining as usual.

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