How to Clean a Diamond Ring?

Diamond rings are a favorite accessory for women, and the price of diamonds is influenced by many factors. The shape of the diamond ring holder is also one of the factors that affect diamond rings. Diamond rings are usually set with diamonds, and the gap between the diamond and the ring holder is prone to dirt. Do you know what are diamond ring cleaning method? How to clean a diamond ring at home?  If there is dirt, you can use hand sanitizer, specialized cleaning agents, or an electric toothbrush to clean it.

Jeulia "An Encounter with Myself" Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia “An Encounter with Myself” Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Ring

1. Hand soap

First, place the diamond ring in a neutral and mild detergent, add an appropriate amount of water to dilute the solution, and then stir. Then let it stand for about 20 minutes, at which point the dirt on the diamond ring will automatically fall off. Rinse off any remaining detergent on the diamond ring with plenty of clean water. This way, the diamond ring can become very clean.

2. Special cleaning agent

Generally speaking, jewelry merchants have specialized diamond ring cleaning agents. At this time, everyone only needs to take this cleaning agent home for dilution and put the diamond ring in a diluted solution. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to scrub the diamond ring. After brushing, place the ring on the mesh drain and rinse with plenty of water. This way, the diamond ring will be cleaned thoroughly.

Jeulia "Dreamy Secret" The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia “Dreamy Secret” The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver Ring

3. Electric toothbrush

You can soak the diamond ring in water and use the electric toothbrush’s inherent vibration function to automatically remove dust from the ring. When some stubborn dust still gets stuck in the gaps of the diamond ring, you can use a toothpick to pick it up appropriately. This way, the dirt inside the diamond ring can be removed very cleanly.

4. Cold water immersion method

The cold water immersion method can be said to be the simplest diamond cleaning method. Just use a small bowl or tea cup to soak the diamond in water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to gently brush the diamond in front, back, left, right, and then wave it in the water for a while. Take it out and wipe it dry with a tissue.

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How to Clean a Platinum Ring?

Cleaning a Platinum Ring

Platinum is generally the preferred material for wedding rings, Platinum ring have become the preferred choice for many couples due to their rarity, stability, and perfect match with diamonds. The price of platinum rings is relatively higher compared to rings made of other materials. Platinum, as a pure metal, not only has moderate hardness but also excellent biocompatibility, making it suitable for people of any skin type to wear.

Platinum rings can be cleaned with auxiliary products such as developer powder, talcum powder, toothpaste, etc. in daily cleaning. let’s begin to learn how to clean a Platinum ring in your life.

1. Using developer powder

Developer powder refers to a reagent that can make photosensitive materials exhibit their original patterns after exposure. Use it to brew platinum rings.

2. Using talcum powder

If the platinum ring is not very dirty, but has lost some luster, you can use your baby’s talcum powder to wipe and rub your platinum ring. When the ring shows its original luster, rinse off the talcum powder.

3. Using toothpaste

If there is long-term dirt on the platinum rings, toothpaste can be used to remove it. Squeeze the toothpaste onto a clean cotton cloth, apply the platinum rings evenly with toothpaste, and wipe back and forth, so that the accumulated dirt and even sweat can be well removed.

4. Using dishwashing detergent

Soaking and rinsing platinum rings with detergent is the simplest and easiest way to remove dirt from the ring. Firstly, everyone needs to dilute the detergent to reduce its alkalinity. Soak the platinum ring in the prepared detergent and rinse it thoroughly.

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18K Rose Gold Ring

How to clean 18K Rose Gold Ring

18k Rose Gold Ring Cleaning Method

The price of an 18k gold rose gold ring is easier to accept compared to platinum. Cleaning rose gold rings can be done using a soft brush, or by adding a small amount of ammonia to water and shaking to clean.

1. Brush gently with a soft brush dipped in hot water

The simplest way to clean the dust and dirt on an 18k rose gold ring is to gently brush it with a soft brush dipped in hot water. It is best to use a degreased cotton ball dipped in soapy water or anhydrous alcohol for cleaning. It is important to note that abrasive particles such as toothpaste, fine sandpaper, or fine sandcloth should not be used for cleaning. The main reason for doing so is to avoid reducing the weight of gold jewelry and causing unnecessary losses.

2. Add a small amount of ammonia to water

When washing an 18k rose gold ring, you should first place the ring in a container, then add water to the container, and then add a small amount of ammonia. Close the bottle mouth of the container tightly, shake vigorously, and then take out the ring and dry it.

3. Wipe clean after baking with fire

Due to the fact that most cosmetics on the market contain trace amounts of mercury, if the wearer puts on makeup, the ring will show white spots or whitening when it comes into contact with the skin of the makeup area. At this time, it is important not to use a small knife or sandpaper to polish the ring. In fact, just bake the ring with white spots or whitening in the fire and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. The ring will restore its original luster.

If you have any other good idea about cleaning 18K rose gold ring, please  leave a message to us and talk about.

Jeulia Rose Gold Ring

Princess Cut Solitaire 18K Rose Gold Ring
Princess Cut Solitaire 18K Rose Gold Ring

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