Do We Need The Sense of Ceremony?  

Sense of ceremony, I hold that this is not your first time hearing this. But do you know why it is significant for us? For one thing, it can remind people to remember love life and themselves. For another, the sense of ceremony helps us express our feelings to others. We are emotional animals. Communicating is an essential part of our daily life. Therefore, the answer is yes. We need a sense of ceremony.  


What is a sense of ceremony?  

In the beginning, I would like to ask you a question what do you think of this word? What exactly is a sense of ceremony? Buy a necklace for your girl on Valentine’s Day? Bring a promise ring when you prepared a proposal? Not exactly. It may belong to one of a kind. As far as I’m concerned. It is some behaviors that show a positive attitude to someone or something. Sometimes it happens to ourselves, or sometimes we take some actions to who we loved. It may be you bought a bunch of flowers for yourself after work. Buy yourself a gift when you made progress. Your father made a ring for your mother on their anniversary.  We can’t judge this person is or not a sense of ceremony through a few things. But we still can recognize when it appears.  


Flower Design Heart Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Flower Design Heart Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Are you a person holding this trait  

If you have an observant mind, you will found these people whose sense of ritual has the same traits. Firstly, they are an active performer. They have a passion for life, pay attention to the quality of life. No matter is a big day or not, those people would like to do things well. If some ideas come to them. They will make it into reality. In addition, being single is not the reason for low demand. There are a lot of people who live life casually. They thought it’s no need to do so because no one keeps them company. That is a choice instead of a quantity issue. Finally, they have the energy to impact others. They could not only take good care of themselves but also brings others active energy. People would like to learn from them as well as get some emotional values from them. If you have a friend like this, it is a joyful thing.  

It makes things being better 

It is not like the color of our eyes. I mean, unchangeable. Sense of ceremony is not born with us. Maybe someone regards it as a vital part of life. Others even do not give a glance. I want to say, that is a kind of attitude, maybe you are not capable of this ability now. But you will. One day you meet someone. To make your loved one has a smile, you will try your best. Do countless things which full of sense of ceremony. At that time, you will know a sense of ceremony deeply. For now, if you have the one need you love, cherish this relationship between you guys, and don’t forget the sense of ritual. It is a magical skill for everyone. Try it! 

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