Tips To Select the Cheapest Wedding Season If You Are On a Tight Budget

Weddings are getting costly with each passing day as we want to make our big day look really big. Expensive dresses, lavish food, and oldest wines add up more cost for our budget. Well, I am not saying that you should wear cheap dresses or keep begrudged food and second class drinks as it doesn’t look appropriate for the theme. There is another and a better way to keep your wedding cheap, but not that actually.

Check for the Dates:

Off wedding days are those that are less famous to arrange marriages. Famous days at which wedding venues are mostly filled and wedding-planners charge double fee are Valentine days, days near Christmas, and the midst of winters in January. During these days, the expense of normal weddings become lavish because you need more clothes to keep yourself from being cold, more timber to light for warmth, and more food to stuff your stomachs in cold winter. So, these wedding days are not at all in favor when it comes to searching for the cheapest wedding season.

Beware for Months:

The second thing you should look for months that are less popular while searching for wedding seasons. December, January, February; these three months come in winter season and holidays also take place during this time. Therefore, it can be an expensive time for the wedding. However, other months that holiday season is most feasible for weddings. Also, if you look for September, August, or July, you can enjoy huge discounts because everything is quite cheap during these months.

Look For The Season:

There are two biggest seasons occur in the world that are summer and winter seasons. Winters are considered best for weddings and due to this, rates for wedding planners are huge in this season. You also don’t find wedding places and venues easily in less amount. However, when it comes to summers, you have plenty of options to choose from. Such as, you can select roofs, terraces, lawns, and beaches etc. Most of the time these places are free to occupy and you just have to pay some taxes in the community office to use the place. You can save a lot by the wedding in the summer season.

Look for Days of The Week:

Last but not least, when you select a season for your wedding, it is time to check for the days. On weekends, weddings are expensive because people usually conduct weddings on Saturday due to the convenience of having off day from work. To keep in budget, I would suggest that you select working days. By doing so, you can save much on your wedding day. Venues are mostly empty and due to being free,  wedding-planners also charge less.

So these are some tips for you by using which you can conduct a cost-effective wedding that will never look cheap. You can have everything on your wedding at low rates just by manipulating some dates and time.

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