Diamond and Moissanite

The Difference of Moissanite and Diamond

What is the difference of moissanite and diamond? The following is the difference between moissanite and diamond, don’t get it wrong!

Jeulia Moissanite Ring
Jeulia Moissanite Ring

1. Composition differences

Moissanite Diamond is not a diamond, it is actually called moissanite, which is an artificially synthesized material mainly composed of silicon carbide. Diamond is one of the five organic gemstones, mainly composed of carbon.

2. Hardness difference

The Mohs hardness of diamonds is 10, which is the highest among natural gemstones. The Mohs hardness of Mosonite is 9.25, second in hardness to diamonds. Moissanite has a lower hardness than diamonds, so conducting a scratch test on the surface of Moissanite using a diamond hardness tester will leave scratches, while the scratch tester will not leave scratches on the surface of diamonds.

3. Fire color difference

Mosang stone has a stronger fire color. Mosonite has birefringence, while diamonds have single refraction, so the fiery color of Mosonite is even brighter and more dazzling than diamonds. Diamond fire generally comes in two colors: blue and orange, while the fire color of mosonite is quite diverse, including blue, yellow green, yellow, etc., which looks dazzling.

4. Production method

Mosonite is artificially synthesized, and anyone with equipment and technology can synthesize it; Diamonds are naturally generated and require billions of years of environmental evolution on Earth to form under specific conditions, making them uncontrollable.

5. Grade value

Mosan diamonds are ordinary materials made artificially, while diamonds are natural, so their grades are different.
Diamonds are scarce gemstones, and the quantity of genuine gemstone grade natural diamonds is relatively small, which is why diamonds are so expensive. Mosan diamond is just a common artificial material, with a relatively low grade and low value, especially after mass production, the price of Mosan stone is decreasing year by year.

Jeulia Moissanite Jewelry

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