Do You Like to Wear Fake Jewelry?

What do you think of fake jewelry? I know most of us would say no. We can not bear fake in our life even if it exists around us, especially mentioned crucial part. However, we should figure out the distinction between fake and original. Although this bothered people for a long time, until now no one could figure it out.

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What Should I Consider When Buying Jewelry?

Aloha, today is Friday. The weekend is approaching. However, there is always some voice around me. It seems like something I need to accomplish. I see, I have something that really wanted to share with you guys. Yes, like you see, that is, what should I consider when buying jewelry? After tapping this question into my search box. Indeed, there are a lot of answers, what I looking for is not a bunch of realistic text, I just need some inspiration to confirm my thoughts. I can’t find any inspiration. Hence, I take some time to think about this, and then I would like to share these ideas with you guys. Maybe it will help you in some one day. 

What This Jewelry Will be Used For 

Maybe you feel a little bit confused. What this jewelry will be used for? Are you kidding me? Will I use a ring to fight with the bad guy just like in the movie? Of course not, I know it. Actually, I just want to say that figuring out your goal is an essential step. For instance, I will take an example by using a ring. Do you use it as a personal decoration or collection? Besides, you need it to take part in a party or you will propose to someone. All of these are your specific goals. Figuring it out at the first step will be beneficial to your next choice. If you just prefer to opt for one bracelet to establish yourself, then a chic bracelet is your choice. If you prepare a wonderful proposal for your girl, a promise ring will be your suitable option, super easy, Huh? 

"Blazing with Color" Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring
“Blazing with Color” Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring

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7 Reasons Why Diamonds Are a Waste of Your Money

Why you should never buy diamonds, and what you should buy instead…

  1. The price of diamonds has been artificially inflated since the 1880’s via the De Beers diamond cartel. For the same cost, you can get a high-cost performance gemstone instead of diamond.
  2. Currently, public perception of diamonds is the direct result of a masterfully executed marketing campaign by De Beers that began in 1938, not inherent scarcity or value. If you’ve read the article by Edward Epstein (you really should), you will know all of the gory details. How brainwashed people are about the “value” of diamonds, even though they’re not actually worth that much. In other words, you not only pay for the diamond itself, but also the marketing fees of this brand.

Jeulia Jewelry Stone

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