Jeulia Giving Back Sale 2020, Make A Difference In This World

Today we would love to introduce our giving back sale, which is different from ever before. This promotion is relevant to charity. Every Year In July, from 1st to 31th, jeulia always launch this promotion, and this activity has been going on for 2 years. For each order in July, we will donate two percent of sales to OPS( Oceanic Preservation Society). Till now, our achievement is encouraging. We have contributed to planting 250 trees and improved the lives of millions of animals and marine animals! But it just starts, and we will keep doing it.

Jeulia Giving Back Sale

As the world changes around us, we must rethink the way we live and the way we give back. The mark we make on the world is as important as the beautiful jewelry we make. Here at Jeulia, we feel the privilege and duty to give back to organizations that we believe are making a difference in the world. We are proud to kick off the partnership with Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS), Give Back to Nature, and World Animal Protection.

Our strength is tiny, but it will be expanded if you join in. Protect our earth together with jeulia now! We should make a difference in this world! In this promotion, we offer “buy one get one 30% off sales” for you, and you also could get free code by clicking the watering pot to water the tree in jeulia giving back page. You could shop anything on jeulia, including marine jewelry, nature jewelry, and animal jewelry. We expect you to join in this charity sale.

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