How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling

How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling?

1. Use the straw method: Place the necklace into the straw, pinch the upper outlet of the straw with your hand, keep the necklace inside the straw not loose, so as to maintain a straight line, then wrap around the straw and thread the other end into the gap of the necklace. After tightening, it is ready.

How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling
How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling

2. Using the bamboo stick method: Hang the necklace on a fixed hook, fix one end of a small bamboo stick to the necklace, then carefully wrap the remaining part around the other end of the entire necklace, and finally insert the other end of the bamboo stick into the clip of the necklace to prevent the necklace from tying.

3. Using the paper clip method: Bend the colored paper clip into a U-shaped shape, place one of the necklaces into the clip, clamp it tightly, and then carefully wrap the necklace along the clip until the entire necklace is wrapped around the clip. Finally, place the other end of the necklace into the clip.

2、 How to store necklaces?

Jeulia "Star & Moon" Cloth Jewelry Storage Box
Jeulia “Star & Moon” Cloth Jewelry Storage Box

1. Use a jewelry box: Place the necklace in the jewelry box, especially for longer necklaces, which should be placed in multiple layers to avoid interlocking and knotting.
2. Use a hanger: Hang the necklace on the hanger, which can be beautiful and prevent knots. When hanging a necklace, you can choose to use a cushioning pad to avoid friction and wear between the necklace and the hanger.

Jeulia Double-layer Round PU Jewelry Box with Mirror
Jeulia Double-layer Round PU Jewelry Box with Mirror

3. Using a hanging rack: Using a hanging rack is also a good choice, as it can hang the necklace on the wall for easy access, while also providing beautiful decoration, making your home more fashionable.

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