The Difference of Moissanite and Diamond

What is the difference of moissanite and diamond? The following is the difference between moissanite and diamond, don’t get it wrong!

Jeulia Moissanite Ring
Jeulia Moissanite Ring

1. Composition differences

Moissanite Diamond is not a diamond, it is actually called moissanite, which is an artificially synthesized material mainly composed of silicon carbide. Diamond is one of the five organic gemstones, mainly composed of carbon.

2. Hardness difference

The Mohs hardness of diamonds is 10, which is the highest among natural gemstones. The Mohs hardness of Mosonite is 9.25, second in hardness to diamonds. Moissanite has a lower hardness than diamonds, so conducting a scratch test on the surface of Moissanite using a diamond hardness tester will leave scratches, while the scratch tester will not leave scratches on the surface of diamonds.

3. Fire color difference

Mosang stone has a stronger fire color. Mosonite has birefringence, while diamonds have single refraction, so the fiery color of Mosonite is even brighter and more dazzling than diamonds. Diamond fire generally comes in two colors: blue and orange, while the fire color of mosonite is quite diverse, including blue, yellow green, yellow, etc., which looks dazzling.

4. Production method

Mosonite is artificially synthesized, and anyone with equipment and technology can synthesize it; Diamonds are naturally generated and require billions of years of environmental evolution on Earth to form under specific conditions, making them uncontrollable.

5. Grade value

Mosan diamonds are ordinary materials made artificially, while diamonds are natural, so their grades are different.
Diamonds are scarce gemstones, and the quantity of genuine gemstone grade natural diamonds is relatively small, which is why diamonds are so expensive. Mosan diamond is just a common artificial material, with a relatively low grade and low value, especially after mass production, the price of Mosan stone is decreasing year by year.

Jeulia Moissanite Jewelry

Jeulia Provide Moissanite jewelry bespoke service, you can choose your favorite color and metal for your wedding or daily jewelry for your family. Choose some fine gift for your friends in the holiday with best wishes! If you have some wonderful idea about custom design jewelry, please tell us and begin your jewelry design ASAP.

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How Much are the Moissanite Rings?

Moissanite diamond, as a laboratory cultivated gemstone, has gained the love of many friends due to its similar color and fire color to natural diamonds. However, the prices of Moissanite diamonds on the market range from tens to thousands, which is dazzling.

Less than 100$ Moissanite Rings

Jeulia Milgrain Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Milgrain Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Ring

The Moissanite ring at this price is used the smaller stone in the ring, sometimes with low-quality Moissanite stone or counterfeit zircon. The cheaper ones may be traps, and these are relatively fake. The ring rest is made of S925 silver, you can choose some for some specila days, such as travel or diving with some cheap Moissanite rings;

100 $-700$ Moissanite Rings

White Gold Moissanite Ring With Pink Twist
White Gold Moissanite Ring With Pink Twist

The quality of Moissanite Ring in this price range will be much better. some of which are made of rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, and you can wear for a long time. It is recommended to buy 18K gold if you want to buy it, you can also choose some classic Moissanite rings, such as heart rings, six prong rings, or princess rings;

Over 700$+ Moissanite Rings

Three Stone Platinum Moissanite Ring with Ruby Stone
Three Stone Platinum Moissanite Ring with Ruby Stone

The quality of rings above this price is relatively good. Usually, you can choose a K-gold or platinum ring holder, and you can choose the size or quantity of Mosonite. This way, there are more styles, such as three stone rings, secret inlay rings, or some twisted rings, and the wight of the Moissanite is more than 1ct;
Moissanite rings can serve as a temporary replacement for diamond rings, and do not require delicate maintenance in daily life. They can be worn in many occasions. If you want to wear it for a long time, we recommend choosing an 18K gold or platinum ring. It can be worn for a long time and you worth it!

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What is Meaning of Hamsa Hand?

Jeulia Hamsa Hand Ring Sterling Silver
Jeulia Hamsa Hand Ring Sterling Silver

Hamsa hand, also known as “Fatima’s hand” or “Lucky hand”, is called “The Hamasa Hand” in Arabic and “Hamesh Hand” in Hebrew.
In Arab culture, the meaning of this pattern is “Hand of Fatima”. Fatima is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, who is the legendary moon goddess in Arab mythology. It is said that her hands can heal all diseases of believers. So Hand of Fatima is a symbol of blessings for peace and health in Arab culture. Arabs like to make gold and silver jewelry in this shape to wear as their talisman.

Now the hamsa hand is widely used in the jewelry design, such as Hamsa ring, hamsa hand earrings, necklace and so on.

The color of hamsa hand

Jeulia "Hamsa and Evil Eye" Asymmetric Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
Jeulia “Hamsa and Evil Eye” Asymmetric Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Green hamsa hand: green is for growth, hope and happiness;

Blue hamsa hand: green stands for silence, contentment and safety;

Red hamsa hand: red is for passion and pursuit

Orange hamsa hand: Energy and vitality;

Yellow hamsa hand: yellow is the color of sun, stands for rationality and Intelligence;

Pink hamsa hand: Altruism, kindness, gentleness, and patience;

Purple hamsa hand: the energy of purple is similar with pink, stands for love and intelligence;

Different religious cultures have their own interpretations of symbols

In Judaism, they call it the hand of Merion in memory of Moses’ sister;
In Levant Christianity, it is called the hand of the Virgin Mary, named after the mother of Jesus;
In Islam, it is called the Hand of Fatima, named after the daughter of Muhammad;
In Sunni culture, the Five Finger Hand is related to the Five Merits of Islam;
For the Shia, it symbolizes the prophet and Ali, as well as Fatima and her two sons.
She is the guardian goddess of Carthage, Tanit, symbolizing fertility;
In Hebrew, the number five is “hamesh”, and the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Hey”, which is one of the holy names of God. Hamesh is the representative of the five books of the Pentateuch. In Arabic, it is “khamesh”;

For Hindus and Buddhists, it symbolizes the interaction of chakras, energy flow within the body, and the five senses. Since the word Hamsa means “five”, it represents the finger of the right hand. According to Hindus and Buddhists, each finger is connected to an element and chakra:
1. Thumb: Fire element, solar plexus chakra.
2. Index finger: air element, heart chakra;
3. Middle finger: ethereal element, throat chakra;
4. Ring finger: Earth element, root chakra.
5. Little finger: Water element, sacral chakra.

The uniqueness and diversity of world cultures have led to cultural differences, but what remains unchanged is people’s expectations for beauty and life, as well as their courage to face the future. The stories of fashion have been increasing, but classics will always be passed down.

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