Dragonfly Jewelry

Why Dragonfly Jewelry Establish in The Fashion?

Dragonflies have a symbolic significance of mystery and rising clouds. When It was young, lived in water, adults hovered in the sky and earth, and my graceful figure, like a fairy, inspired endless romantic thoughts of artists from ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad. Whether it’s the ancient Egyptian dragonfly shaped Feyonce talisman collected in the Metropolitan Museum, or the magical dragonfly jewelry by French art nouveau master Rene Lalique, all show the inspiration that small dragonflies bring to artists’ imaginative ideas.

Egypt Dragonfly jewelry
Egyptian dragonfly in the Metropolitan Museum

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, accompanied by Byron’s poetry and Turner’s paintings, romanticism surged forward, and romanticism advocated for the love of nature, which was fully reflected in jewelry: jewelry with insect and floral themes such as dragonflies, butterflies, and bees became more and more popular.

Dragonflies, butterflies, and bees became the most favored insects in Victorian jewelry from 1837 to 1901. In order to make dragonfly jewelry look more realistic, craftsmen at that time also used a technique called “Entremblant”, which was to install small springs under the wings of dragonflies. When worn, diamond jewelry would vibrate gently with the wings, making the diamonds appear more sparkling.

Dragonfly brooch
Dragonfly brooch Tiffany Tiffany uses Entremblant structural design

In the 1880s, romanticism gradually declined, and under the love of aestheticians represented by Oscar Wilde for Japanese art, dragonflies became an insect that reflected the mystery of the East, often appearing on Japanese porcelain and ukiyo-e paintings. What’s even more interesting is that these seemingly delicate insects frequently appear on the swords of samurai swords.

There is a saying that dragonflies are called “victorious insects” in Japan, symbolizing victory. This may be because dragonflies have a success rate of over 90% in predation, and their agile and efficient skills can definitely be considered as famous aerial killers.

Left: Collection of Japanese Porcelain Plate Metropolitan Museum Right: The Walters Art Museum
Left: Collection of Japanese Porcelain Plate Metropolitan Museum
Right: The Walters Art Museum

Under the influence of aestheticism, the theme of Hefeng also became a sought after object for jewelry artists. At that time, European craftsmen liked to carve flowers and birds on bracelets, imitating Japanese flower and bird paintings, and dragonflies were also the main characters.

Ten years later, a new artistic style was born under the influence of aestheticism, which is called the New Art Style. At that time, jewelry had already gone through more than half a century of luxurious and dignified Victorian style control. At this time, artists were obviously suppressed by this traditional, conservative, and elegant style for too long, and urgently needed to embrace nature and promote a sensory and romantic art.

The main characteristic of the Art Nouveau style is “imitating nature”, but unlike previous realistic jewelry, this group of artists also integrated their artistic ideals and imagination into jewelry. If the past jewelry was realistic, then there is no doubt that the jewelry at this time is “freehand”.

Jeulia "Life & Vitality" Dragonfly Enamel Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Jeulia “Life & Vitality” Dragonfly Enamel Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

The grand new art style of the late 19th century loved to combine the flora and fauna of nature with the female body, creating many creatures that only appeared in fantasy worlds. The delicate and beautiful figure of the dragonfly, its rapidly vibrating transparent wings, and elusive floating figure are like fairies in Greek mythology in the eyes of jewelry artists. Making the combination of dragonflies and human bodies more mythical, the most famous of which is Rene Lalique’s work “Dragonfly Woman”.

Dragonfly Woman by Rene Lalique in CalousteGulbenkian
Dragonfly Woman by Rene Lalique in CalousteGulbenkian

In fact, compared to the jewelry that combines dragonflies with human bodies, we may be more familiar with the images of ancient and supernatural fairies in fairy tales. They usually wear fairy like gauze skirts and have a pair of sparkling wings on their backs. In Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, there is a fairy named Titania who leads the fairy spirits. Although Shakespeare did not specifically depict her appearance, later artists coincidentally installed a pair of dragonfly wings for this fairy, as if these wings were the most suitable for this playful yet magical fairy.

Most jewelry inspired by dragonflies has always been purely realistic in its form, but in reality, more abstract designs are more suitable for our daily wear and can also be fashionable and versatile. This dragonfly brooch not only captures its characteristics, but also highly summarizes and abstracts various details of the dragonfly. In order to achieve a sense of elegance, the straight body of the dragonfly is curved, and the white gemstone adds a touch of liveliness. Rather than being abstract, the dragonfly is actually more like a little elf.

Jeulia "Garden Dragonfly" Round Cut Sterling Silver Brooch
Jeulia “Garden Dragonfly” Round Cut Sterling Silver Brooch

In addition to the light and beautiful appearance of dragonflies that people flock to, the hidden emotions and symbolic meanings behind them also make people yearn. For thousands of years, dragonflies have been praised by many, and people constantly feel beauty, freedom, and courage from this insect. The resonance with the most beautiful traits in the human heart may be the reason why dragonflies have been loved by artists and designers for thousands of years.

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The Origin of the Couple Rings

Couple rings, It’s just a pair of rings, which are essential love tokens for marriage. The origin of wedding couple rings can be traced back to the ancient Roman period. At that time, people believed that there was a “vein of love” on the ring finger that connected directly to the heart, so wearing a ring on the ring finger symbolized a heart to heart bond and eternal love. With the changes of the times, couple rings have gradually developed into an important component of marriage rituals.

Jeulia "Sweetheart" Sterling Silver Couple Rings
Jeulia “Sweetheart” Sterling Silver Couple Rings
In medieval Europe, couple rings began to have a more profound symbolic significance. It not only represents the promise of love, but also symbolizes the social, economic, and legal union of both spouses. In that era, they were usually made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, etc., and set with gemstones to showcase their nobility and importance.
In modern times, the design style and material selection of wedding rings have become increasingly diverse. People can choose different styles and materials of couple ring according to their preferences and budget, for example, platinum or K-gold rings with diamonds are the most popular rings. At the same time, couple’s rings also show more personalized elements and emotional meanings. Many couples choose to customize couple rings to reflect their unique love story and marriage philosophy.
The couple rings is a witness to love and a pledge to marriage. When two people decide to spend their lives together, the couple’s rings represent precious promises and expectations for the future. Every couple ring is unique, just like every love story has its own unique story, as well as the deep understanding and connection between two people’s hearts.
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The Fahsion News About Fluorescent Diamonds

Many people used to believe that fluorescence would damage the transparency of diamonds and underestimated the value of fluorescent diamonds. But as research on diamonds deepens, experts have found that one-third of diamonds are fluorescent, but less than 6% of natural diamonds can achieve strong fluorescence, which has led many people to pursue this rare diamond characteristic. Many jewelry designers have even started to design specifically for this point, creating the concept of “luminous diamonds”. It has to be said that making diamonds shine in the dark is indeed a bonus, do you think?

What is a fluorescent diamond?

When a diamond is illuminated by ultraviolet light sources (such as sunlight or black light), it emits a soft glow, known as fluorescence. Once the ultraviolet light source is removed, the diamond will stop emitting fluorescence. Fluorescence is usually blue, but it also has rarer colors such as yellow, white, and orange, while colored diamonds may emit fluorescence in red, green, and other colors, such as the famous, which has red fluorescence.

Blue Diamond Hope
Blue Diamond Hope

Will all diamonds emit fluorescence?

About 25% to 35% of diamonds exhibit a certain degree of fluorescence under long wave ultraviolet radiation, but only 15% of diamonds can emit a “noticeable” light, and less than 6% of diamonds can reach moderate, strong, and very strong levels. More than 95% of these diamonds will emit blue fluorescence, and a very small number of diamonds will emit fluorescence of other colors, such as yellow or green.

Jeulia Glowing Adjustable Sterling Silver Couple Rings
Jeulia Glowing Adjustable Sterling Silver Couple Rings
Jeulia Glowing Whale Tail Design Glazestone Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Glowing Whale Tail Design Glazestone Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring

Is there a level of diamond fluorescence?

Fluorescence is not a classification factor such as color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the American Gemological Institute (GIA) 4C, but it is a recognition feature. The GIA Diamond Classification Report and Diamond Identification Report describe the fluorescence of diamonds based on their intensity under long wave ultraviolet radiation (none, weak, medium, strong, and very strong). If the fluorescence is medium, strong, or very strong, the color of the fluorescence will be indicated.

GIA Fluorescent Diamond Intensity Grading
GIA Fluorescent Diamond Intensity Grading

Will fluorescence affect the value of diamonds?

For a long time, the jewelry industry believed that fluorescence would disrupt the transparency of diamonds, making them appear hazy and causing them to become cloudy, thus damaging their value. However, research by professional gemstone laboratories such as GIA has found that fluorescence does not cause diamond turbidity. It only increases the turbidity caused by light scattering defects in diamonds, thereby reducing the contrast of their positive patterns. However, due to the rarity of light scattering defects, fluorescence does not have any impact on the transparency of diamonds for ordinary consumers.

However, many industry professionals still believe that fluorescence will lower the value of diamonds, so diamonds with very strong fluorescence in the D to H color range are usually priced lower than diamonds without fluorescence, even if their color and transparency are likely not affected by fluorescence. So, if you think in reverse, you may find a loophole!

On the other hand, experts believe that blue fluorescence can enhance the appearance of diamonds, especially for diamonds with colors ranging from I to M. Because blue fluorescence can make slightly yellow diamonds appear colorless under ultraviolet light (a part of natural light). Therefore, diamonds with color levels I to N and very strong to moderate blue fluorescence may have a slightly higher price per carat than diamonds with similar color levels that do not emit fluorescence.

Fluorescent diamonds form hidden wing patterns

This trend has become increasingly intense, and even a new brand Luminous Diamonds focuses only on the design of fluorescent diamonds. The brand’s slogan is: “Celebrate and follow the light of the heart.” It believes that fluorescent diamonds, like the faint light of a glacier under the Northern Lights, can emit wonderful and dazzling light. Therefore, all designs will use fluorescent diamonds to outline geometric shapes, leaving a sense of space for light to emanate from within in the darkness.

Correcting the misconceptions about fluorescent diamonds and embracing their magical charm while keeping up with the times? No matter night or day, it can shine brightly, and from the perspective of fashion or cost-effectiveness, it is a good choice!

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