Wedding Anniversary

Name of Wedding Anniversary in US

Every ethnic group attaches great importance to marriage, believing that it is an extremely important scene in life. Many ethnic groups often hold various wedding commemorative activities to avoid forgetting this scene. Let’s get to know these names! Americans attach great importance to wedding anniversaries. On important wedding anniversaries, a wedding anniversary celebration is always held, gradually forming the custom of giving traditional gifts according to each wedding anniversary event, which has evolved into the habit of naming each wedding age with various gift names.


US Anniversary Name
1 Year Paper Wedding
2 Years Calico Wedding
3 Years Muslin Wedding
4 Years Silk Wedding
5 Years Wood Wedding
6 Years Iron Wedding
7 Years Copper Wedding
8 Years Electric appliance Wedding
9 Years Pottery Wedding
10 Years Tin Wedding
11 Years Steel Wedding
12 Years Linen Wedding
13 Years Lace Wedding
14 Years Ivory Wedding
15 Years Crystal Wedding
16 Years
17 Years
18 Years
19 Years
20 Years China Wedding
21 Years
22 Years
23 Years
24 Years
25 Years Silver Wedding
26 Years
27 Years
28 Years
29 Years
30 Years Pearl Wedding
31 Years
32 Years
33 Years
34 Years
35 Years Coral Wedding
36 Years
37 Years
38 Years
39 Years
40 Years Ruby Wedding
41 Years
42 Years
43 Years
44 Years
45 Years Sapphire Wedding
46 Years
47 Years
48 Years
49 Years
50 Years Golden Wedding
55 Years Emerale Wedding
60 Years Diamond Wedding
67 Years
70 Years White Gold Wedding
75 Years Adamas Wedding
80 Years

Hurry up to search how many years you married with your husband or wife, and enrich your wedding anniversary with more amazing gift.

Time flies, only love eternity

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