AGTA Spectrum Awards

I believe jewelry practitioners, collectors, and enthusiasts all know AGTA Spectrum Awards ™ (AGTA Spectral Award). AGTA Spectrum Awards ™ According to the style and type of the work, there are over a dozen award categories, presenting new achievements in jewelry design and craftsmanship innovation over the past year.

People have a relatively mature understanding in the fields of gemstone selection, jewelry design, jewelry craftsmanship, etc., and have begun to explore new areas of gemstone cutting. The AGTA Spectrum Awards, a top global competition, have been held ™ The award-winning works of gemstone cutting in China and the attention of their gemstone cutting masters are naturally increasing.
Heaven and earth nurture gemstones, endowing them with a natural state. Cutting, on the other hand, is a skillful and deliberate process of manual depiction, an important stage in the brilliant transformation of gemstones, giving them a second life. This process perfectly displays the luster and color of the gemstone, while giving it a certain shape, making it more ornamental and suitable for use in jewelry inlay. Generally speaking, colored gemstones have different colors and varying optical properties, and their cutting considerations are more comprehensive and diverse than those of diamonds.

Traditional cutting

Such as common circles, squares, olive shapes, etc., pursue a perfect standard presentation. The outline, or shape, of a gemstone should be elegant and pleasing to the eye. If the cutter believes that the raw stone is an important gemstone, they can retain most of the weight of the raw stone, even if the shape is slightly unsatisfactory, it can be accepted by people. However, if the contour lacks symmetry, it will have a significant impact on value.

Phantom cutting

Bernd Munstein invented fantasy cutting, which involves concave cuts on the back of a gemstone, allowing the front of the gemstone to shine while presenting a richer and more colorful thematic image, adding a unique and interesting touch to the eye.

Phantom cutting
Phantom cutting, 10363 carat aquamarine, Bernd Munstein was created in 1993 and collected by Somewhere In The Rainbow, Stored at the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, Photography by Donald E. Hurlbert

Fantasy cutting does not have fixed requirements for the appearance and contour of gemstones, and can be designed according to the cutting engineer’s preferences. In response to the shape, color, and optical effects of the original stone, the cutter can freely imagine and amplify the excellent characteristics of the gemstone through different themes and expressions, thereby enhancing its value.

AGTA Spectrum Awards ™ Rich award settings for gemstone cutting, including gemstone carving and gemstone art, pairs and suits, phenomenal gemstones.

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