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What is the Twelve Birthstone Beautiful Legend?

Everyone has their own birthstone, and people of different months have different guardian stones, and the things they want to protect are also different. Each type of guardian stone has a very beautiful and charming appearance, and the guardian stone has its own meaning and symbolic significance.

The birthstones are said to be related to the twelve cornerstones, twelve precious stones in the breastplate, the twelve angels of Islam, and the legends of the twelve celestial palaces in the Bible. Over time, the custom of wearing birth moon gemstones has formed in various regions.

Here are the birthstones by month with some background on each of the stones.

January Birthstone – Garnet

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Garnet is a gemstone, dark red,whose name from a variety of old English, French and Latin words. It also drawed as “seed” and are thought to possibly be linked to the meaning behind Pomegranate; a fruit with dark red seeds that evoke the shapes and colors of garnet crystals. While garnets do come in various colors, it it the dark red version that is traditionally associated with garnet as a birthstone.
More than a hundred years ago, the young girl Ululiet fell in love with the famous German poet Goethe. Every time she went on a date, Ululiet never forgot to wear her ancestral pomegranate. She firmly believed that this gem could convey love to her lover. In the end, Goethe was deeply moved by Ululiet, and the great poem “The Lament of Marienbator” was born from it.
As a January birthstone, garnet represents chastity, friendship, and loyalty.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

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Amethyst is a semi precious stone that is actually a purple/violet variety of quartz. It’s use in jewelry dates back to the ancient Egyptians and over the centuries it was able to be sourced from more areas allowing it to become a stone that many could enjoy.
According to legend, the god of wine, Busca, once played a prank that turned a beautiful girl into a stone sculpture. When Busca regretted being sad, he accidentally spilled wine on the sculpture, which turned into a beautiful amethyst. Therefore, the god of wine named the amethyst after the girl, “AMETHYST”.
Amethyst, known as the “King of Crystals”, has been regarded as a noble color in Japan since ancient times, symbolizing honesty and a peaceful mindset.

March Birthstone – Aquamarine


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The March birthstone name alone of the stone let’s us know we are in a world of aquatic tranquility. Derived from the word aqua – Latin for water – aquamarines rightfully bear the colors of the waters that break upon our most beautiful coral reefs.
Legend has it that there is a group of beautiful fish living on the deep blue sea floor. They dress themselves up with aquamarine gemstones, and at critical moments, as long as the gemstones are exposed to sunlight, they can gain mysterious power. Therefore, aquamarine has another nickname called “Yuwu Fish Stone”.
As a March birthstone, Hai Lan Bao symbolizes calmness and bravery, happiness and longevity.

April Birthstone – Diamonds

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What more can we say about diamonds, which have a special place in the world of fine jewelry and precious stones. Not surprisingly, we’ve heard it said by more than one woman that if they could trade birthdays (and birthstones) then April (and diamonds) would be at the top of their list.
Alexander obtained diamonds in the Diamond Valley guarded by pythons during his conquest of India in 350 BC. He cleverly ordered the soldiers to use mirrors to reflect the snake’s gaze and kill it. Then he threw the lamb chunks towards the diamond in the valley, and killed the vulture that was catching the meat to obtain the diamond.
Diamonds symbolize loyalty and purity, and are also a commemorative gemstone for the 75th anniversary of marriage.

May Birthstone – Emerald

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Emeralds, in their highest quality form, are one of the more rare precious gemstones. High quality emeralds are judged by their rich deep verdant green color and well as their clarity. Emeralds are generally sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and Afghanistan with Colombian emeralds generally held in the highest esteem. As a stone derived from the beryl group of minerals, emeralds offer the opportunity to be worn for any occasion depending on the fine jewelry design in which they are set.
A long time ago, someone discovered a pool of very green water in the Andes mountain area. Patients can recover by drinking it, and blind people can regain their sight by using it! So someone jumped into the deep pool to explore and picked up a crystal clear emerald at the bottom of the pool. This was emerald, which made the people there live a happy life.

As a May birthstone, emerald symbolizes a happy wife.

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June Birthstone – Pearls, Moonlight Stones


Pearls are actually the only birthstone (and gemstone for that matter) that is created by a living creature. Mollusks create pearls naturally when an irritant, like a grain of sand, in introduced into their shells. Pearls formed naturally by mollusks without any human involvement are the most rare (natural pearls), whereas pearls that are cultivated and farmed are the ones that are the most common and widely available today. While natural colored pales are most rare and precious, cultivated, or fresh water pearls, will often be offered in a few different colors and are actually dyed to achieve the available hues.

Jeulia Classic Design Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Jeulia Classic Design Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Moonlight Stones

The Moonlight Stone Statue is like a quiet moonlit night, emitting a steady light. Sometimes the faint light may change slightly, creating a mysterious color tone. It is said that this is because Diana, the goddess of the moon, lives in the Moonlight Stone. Sometimes Diana’s mood fluctuates, and the color tone of the Moonlight Stone will change accordingly.

People believe that wearing a moonstone can bring good luck, and Native Americans consider it a “sacred stone”, indicating health, longevity, prosperity, and wealth.

July Birthstone – Ruby

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Rubies are precious gemstones renowned for their deep red color. They are the red variety of the mineral corundum, and the finest, deepest red versions historically were mined in Burma (now Myanmar). For those seeking July birthstone jewelry gifts, a large percentage of rubies are infused with color through heat treatments, which also makes for increased availability of the stones. Ruby is one of the harder, more durable gemstones, with only diamonds being harder.

According to legend, there is a beautiful princess named Naja in Myanmar who demands the removal of the man eating dragon from the mountains in order to marry her. Finally, a poor young man eliminated the demon dragon and became the Prince of the Sun. Then the two disappeared into a flash of light, leaving only a few eggs, and one of them gave birth to a ruby.

Abroad, ruby represents noble and fiery love.

August Birthstone – Peridot

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The August birthstone is the peridot that is recognized for its unique lime or olive green color. It is the gem quality version of the mineral olivine, and large quantities of the stone today are mined in Arizona. It is a gemstone that can trace its origins back to the ancient Egyptians in the 2nd millennium BC.

According to legend, on a small island in the Mediterranean, pirates often clashed. Once, they discovered a large number of gemstones while digging for cover, so everyone embraced and reconciled. The pirate leader referred to this olive like gemstone as olivine, based on the story of olive branches in the Bible. From then on, olivine was revered by pirates as a token to turn swords into jade.

Peridot, known as the “Stone of Happiness,” is well deserved as it symbolizes happiness and harmony.

September Birthstone – Sapphire

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Perhaps no other gemstone apart from diamonds has the history and recognition of sapphires. The September birthstone are traditionally known for their rich blue color, but sapphires actually come in a broad range of colors, including white sapphires which we use throughout our sterling silver collection. Sapphires are gem versions of the mineral corundum, and pink sapphires will retain the sapphire designation until they reach the level of red to be classified as rubies. Most blue sapphires today are heated to impart their richness of color, an unheated blue sapphire is more precious due to greater rarity. The blue sapphire gained added attention a few years back when Prince William gave Kate Middleton a blue sapphire ring for their engagement.

A long, long time ago, there was a young man named Banda who bravely fought against the demon king for the peace of the people. The fierce demon king struggled desperately before his death, causing a corner of the sky to shatter and causing many stars to fall. Some of the stars turned into starlight sapphires.

Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love, and honesty. Starlight Blue Treasure, also known as the “Stone of Destiny,” can bless the wearer with safety and bring good luck.

October Birthstone – Opal

Jeulia Opal Heart Necklace Sterling Silver
Jeulia Opal Heart Necklace Sterling Silver

Opals are gemstones known for their extraordinary play of color which in the most precious of opals can mirror the greatest natural light shows of the heavens or the seas. The finest October birthstones are from Australia and the types range from crystal, boulder and water opals to the rarest black opals. Fire opals, known for their deep translucent reddish and orange colors, are most often found in Mexico. Opals are most commonly cut into domed cabochon stones, as the smooth domed cuts allow for the most play of color.

According to legend, Prometheus disregarded Zeus’s opposition and brought fire to humanity. When fire spread to thousands of households, it finally extinguished on the hanging rock of the Caucasus mountain where Prometheus was bound, leaving behind a gemstone that could bloom in seven colors. This gemstone has the seven colors of the sun’s rays, which is called tourmaline.

Bi Xi sounds like “warding off evil”, hence it is also known as the “stone for warding off evil”. People believe that wearing a tourmaline can receive the blessings of the Buddha, stay away from ghosts and monsters, and resolve all unpleasant situations.

November Birthstone – Topaz

Spring Flowerlet Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
Spring Flowerlet Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
While topaz may be found in a variety of colors, in its natural state is generally yellowish-brown or near colorless. In varieties like blue topaz, the November birthstone’s colors are achieved through treatments like irradiation. The most precious topaz is the imperial topaz, which has a rich orange like cast that often includes wondrous elements of pink to create a fantastic rainbow-like quality.
The Golden Fleece can be said to be the most valuable treasure in Greek mythological stories, guarded by dragons and inaccessible to the world. However, only the Greek hero Jason can obtain it because he possesses the yellow crystal bestowed by the goddess Hera, and the light of his wealth is very powerful, leaving the eyes of the evil dragon unaware.
Yellow crystal can enhance personal confidence, accumulate wealth, and focus on financial luck. It often brings unexpected wealth and belongs to the category of wealth crystals.

December Birthstone – Turquoise

Jeulia Vintage Turquoise Ring Art Deco Sterling Silver
Jeulia Vintage Turquoise Ring Art Deco Sterling Silver
Turquoise and tanzanite are both known as December birthstones. We decided to feature turquoise as it is the oldest and original birthstone for December, with tanzanite having been added in 2002. Turquoise of course has a rich history across many cultures. From the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the Chinese, Native Americans and the British Royal family, all have made Turquoise part of their jewelry and heritage. In its purest form, turquoise will have the deep, rich flawless solid blue, but also comes in many instances with “matrix” the veins of brown colorations that can make the stone so visually interesting.
It is said that in order to marry a wife who is both talented and beautiful, Songtsen Gampo asked the candidate beauties to string turquoise necklaces with nine curves and eighteen small holes. The beautiful and intelligent Princess Wencheng took off one of her beautiful hair, tied it around the waist of an ant through a small hole, and finally strung turquoise into a necklace.
Turquoise is also the spirit of the sea and blue sky, bringing auspiciousness and good luck to those on expeditions. It is known as the stone of success and luck, and is a symbol of divine power.
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