How to Measure Ring Size?

When proposing, a suitable ring size is the most basic condition, and the size of the ring is based on measuring the circumference of one finger circle. Many people measure the size of their fingers themselves online or when purchasing rings on behalf of others, in order to buy a suitable ring. There are three practical ways to measure ring size.
1. Paper strip measurement method
Prepare a thin piece of paper or thread, wrap it around the base of the finger where you want to wear the ring, mark the intersection with a pen, then unfold the paper or thread and measure the length of the mark with a ruler. This value is the circumference of the ring you want to purchase.
2. Old ring comparison method
If there is an old ring with a suitable finger size, you can directly measure the diameter of the inner ring with a ruler, and then refer to the ring size chart to find the corresponding ring number.
3. Professional tool measurement method

Measure Ring Size- Jeulia Free Ring Sizer (US size 2-13)
Measure Ring Size- Jeulia Free Ring Sizer (US size 2-13)

There are specialized tools on the market for measuring ring size, which can be directly placed on the finger, adjusted to the appropriate size, and read the corresponding ring number.
When measuring, the following points need to be noted:
When measuring, the paper or line should be tightened, but not too tight or too loose, to avoid affecting the measurement results.
Each person’s left and right finger sizes may vary, it is recommended to measure and record them separately.
The size of different positions on the same finger may also vary. If wearing a ring for a long time, the end of the finger should be used as the reference.
There may be slight swelling in the hands in the morning and evening. It is recommended to obtain the maximum size during morning and evening measurements.
Do not measure when your fingers are cold, as the finger size is smaller at this time.

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