June Flower Rings with Rose and Honeysuckle

Art comes from life, but it is always full of surprises. June flowers are roses and honeysuckle. Let’s take a look together at the flower rings Juelia collected for us.

Rose Ring

Jeulia Cross Roses Ring
Jeulia Cross Roses Ring 

Rose Ring: The Eternal Covenant of Love
Roses are a symbol of love, symbolizing the pursuit and appreciation of love. Roses also represent nobility and taste, reflecting personal identity and wealth. The love for roses, the tears left by Eve for Adam, express infinite longing and love, the holy light of love, the rose ring embodies a lifelong commitment, a gift for his wife.

Honeysuckle Rings

Jeulia Leaf And Flower Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Leaf And Flower Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

The flower language of honeysuckle: wholeheartedly dedicate love to you;
When I was young, as Sagan described it, “I was young, healthy, carefree, happy and carefree all day long, completely foolish.”
In that summer, besides being foolish, I was also obsessed with a plant – honeysuckle.
Polish poet Miwosh once mentioned honeysuckle in a poem called “The Gift”:

Such a happy day

The fog dispersed early in the morning

I work in the garden

Hummingbirds perch on honeysuckle flowers

There is nothing in the world that I want to possess

No one deserves my envy

At this point in life, everything is known and everything is at ease.

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