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Which Shape do you choose for your engagement rings?

The engagement ring symbolizes the love between two people at the engagement banquet and is also a commitment to marriage, which is a traditional form of marriage customs. An engagement ring is usually a diamond ring. After two people have established a romantic relationship and the couple is willing to form a family with each other, the engagement ring is a ring given by the man to his girlfriend to determine their willingness to get married. What are the shapes of engagement rings? What is your favorite model? Let’s take a look together!

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Jeulia "Sweet Chocolate" Halo Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia “Sweet Chocolate” Halo Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Round cut engagement rings are the most common and classic diamond shapes. Often using bright cutting techniques to perfectly present the diamond’s fiery color, it is an timeless gemstone element in diamond rings. Round cut engagement ring represent the fulfillment and protection of love, representing trust and dependence on love, eternal fulfillment.

Heart Shape Engagement Rings

Ruby Heart Engagement Ring Halo Rose Gold Design
Ruby Heart Engagement Ring Halo Rose Gold Design
Heart shape engagement rings, heart shaped is the most beloved shape among all shapes, romantic and sweet. A heart-shaped diamond is cut on the basis of a round diamond, with a more complex process. The external contour is composed of two symmetrical wings, a groove in the center of the head, and a sharp corner at the bottom. The shape is full and it is the most symbolic diamond of love. Heart engagement ring represents sweet and romantic love.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Jeulia Art Deco Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Art Deco Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Emerald cut engagement rings have a different cutting technique from traditional square diamonds, and they have a more retro and charming cutting shape. The emerald shaped diamond is presented in a stepped shape, which can reflect the luster of gemstones without reservation. The cutting process is complex, and it is slightly more subtle in terms of fire color than round diamonds. The emerald cut engagement ring has a simple and modern appearance, with a primitive and rustic style, symbolizing the harmonious love of the qin and se, singing along with the women.

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Jeulia "Intertwining" Pear Cut Halo Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia “Intertwining” Pear Cut Halo Sterling Silver Ring
The pear cut engagement rings of the water droplet adopts a mixed cutting method, using a circular diamond as the cutting foundation, integrating the design of elliptical cutting and olive pointed cutting. It is composed of a circular end and a tip, resembling an elegant water droplet, retaining the gorgeous luster of the circular diamond while possessing unique beauty. The water droplet of the pear shaped engagement ring symbolizes a comfortable and natural view of love that is inclusive and understanding, elegant and calm.

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