The Special Gem Cut You Need To Know

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to wear rings to promote their looks, especially the wedding or engagement rings. If you want your rings to shine at your fingertips and add glamour to your look, you must spend time in knowing more about rings. In the previous posts, we have shared many things about rings from different perspectives to all. When you shop an engagement ring, what will you care about? Size? color? Texture? Price? Carat? Well, in fact, there is one vital factor that will affect above all, it is gem cut. Maybe we can say that, if you choose the right gem cut, you have chosen a perfect ring. Here is the important stone shape you need to know.

Jeulia Rings

  1. Round Cut

The No.1 gem cut in this world, because of the delicate workmanship and the consumption of raw material, round cut has the highest price than other shapes when in the same condition. Perfect round cut rings have 58 sides, which could make the light shine more brightly when it refracts.

Classic Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set
Classic Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set ($116, 72% off)

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