Skull Rings

The History of Skull Rings

The first batch of skull rings in history was given as a personal gift by the head of the Third Empire’s secret police, Himmler, on Christmas Day in 1933. Those who were able to receive this gift were all the backbone members of the SS’s “Old Guard,” who must have made outstanding contributions and had no tainted resume. It can be considered that this group of people were treated by Himmler as true comrades, which is the highest honor in the SS system, but this is not a national honor, it has never been.

the history of Skull Rings
Each of these first batch of rings is unique, with the recipient’s name engraved on the inside, the date the ring was awarded, and Himmler’s handwritten signature. An oak box is included as a gift, which contains a letter similar to a certificate, and the combination of these is the complete skeleton ring.
These exquisitely designed rings filled with Nazi mysticism quickly caused a sensation within the SS. While those who were awarded were overjoyed, those who were not were inevitably very disappointed. Although the German clubs may appear a bit rigid, they are actually very unattractive and die of strong vanity, so many SS soldiers began to imitate this type of ring. Many of the skull rings currently circulating in the market are actually imitations by these guys.
In 1936, Himmler also realized that his gift seemed to have sparked some kind of popular element, so he announced on September 13 of that year that the Skull Ring became the official reward for the SS, and you grandsons don’t need to make fake ones anymore. This type of ring is usually awarded on Hitler’s birthday on April 20th, and occasionally on other commemorative dates for the SS.
But other batches of rings are not given by anyone. It is required that officers who have served in the SS for at least three years, and have outstanding contributions and a clear resume are eligible to receive them. So until October 1944, when Himmler ordered the cessation of production due to material shortages, the number of genuine skull rings awarded would not exceed 15000.

Jeulia Black Tone Princess Cut Created Emerald Four Skull Ring
Jeulia Black Tone Princess Cut Created Emerald Four Skull Ring

The elements of skull have become increasingly diverse. Skull represents rebirth, pursuing a new beginning, and is also a symbol of strength. The eternity of life is created by integrating elements of European and American hip-hop, punk, and other styles to create trendy rings that are not only cool and fashionable, but also express the attitude of the younger generation towards life.

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