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What are the four “C” for evaluating diamonds?

The evaluating diamonds often depends on four factors, namely weight, clarity, color, and cutting. The English words that represent these four words are Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. As the first letter of each of the four English words is “C”, they are commonly referred to as the four “Cs” in the international jewelry industry. These four “Cs” are all important in evaluating diamond jewelry, and they are indispensable.

Classic Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Classic Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring

1. Carat: refers to the weight of a diamond, with 1 carat=0.2 grams and 1 carat=100 cents. One of the reasons why diamonds are precious is because they are rare, with those weighing more being even rarer. Generally, diamonds weighing more than 1 carat are considered large diamonds. The relationship between diamond personality and size grows in a square relationship.

2. Clarity: also known as purity or transparency. Diamonds with extremely high purity, due to their absence of impurities and defects, should be completely colorless and transparent, making them highly valuable.

3. Color: has always been the fundamental and primary factor determining whether diamonds are precious and valuable. As a gemstone grade diamond, it is limited to five types: colorless, nearly colorless, slightly yellow, light yellow, and light yellow.

4. Cutting: The grinding level of a diamond is mainly determined by factors such as whether the angle and proportion are correct, whether the style is trendy, and whether the grinding is exquisite.

Heart Cut Solitaire Sterling Silver Engagement Ring
Heart Cut Solitaire Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

With the advancement of technology, diamonds can also be grown in laboratories, and the quality is not inferior to natural diamonds at all. From the perspective of appearance quality, it is difficult to distinguish between laboratory cultivated diamonds and real diamonds under naked observation. Whether it is color, clarity, or cutting, laboratory cultivated diamonds can reach the same level as natural diamonds.

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