Jeulia Best Sellering Rings In 2021 – Top 10 Rings

At the beginning of 2021, Jeulia receives a lot of good reviews once again. After Valentines Day, all our customers left good reviews for us. We summarized our data and tidied the best-selling rings for you. They are popular among our repeat and new customers. Hope that this post could help you before ordering jeulia jewelry. Of course, they are the newest design in 2021.

Top 1  –  Jeulia “The Starry Night” Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia "The Starry Night" Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Top 2  – Jeulia Hug Me “Your Dragon” Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia Hug Me "Strongest Romance" Dragon Couple Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Top 3 –  Jeulia Hug Me “Your Dragon” Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia Hug Me "Your Dragon" Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Top 5 –  Jeulia Hug Me “Adorable Duck Couple” Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Jeulia Hug Me "Adorable Duck Couple" Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

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Jeulia 6th Anniversary Sale

Unconsciously, you have been with jeulia for 6 years. We are from nothing to selling-well all over the world, the time has witnessed our growth. Jeulia specializes in providing premium handcrafted silver artisan jewelry for all. In the early time, our jewelry only contains wedding jewelry for female; till now, our products have changed beyond expectation, including the quantity and variety. Now all could buy the wedding jewelry and daily jewelry at jeulia. Maybe you are one of them, the price of premium wedding jewelry still troubled you, many people hesitate between price and quality. However, jeulia could deal with this trouble, you could shop the premium handcrafted jewelry with reasonable price at jeulia, and high-cost performance has always been the mission for jeulia. In the future, jeulia will keep this vision and never compromise in quality and workmanship. Making classic with love is our brand philosophy.

Jeulia 6th anniversary sale

Jeulia Anniversary promotion

It is jeulia’s anniversary in August yearly, we feel so blessed to receive lots of love from all over the world, and we can’t thank more for all the love and supports from your guys. At the jeulia 6th anniversary sale, each of the orders will come with one jeulia unique mermaid necklace. If you could show your jeulia jewelry to all on our review page, you have the chance to win jeulia unique mermaid watches in free. Never miss it!

Jeulia Giving Back Sale 2020, Make A Difference In This World

Today we would love to introduce our giving back sale, which is different from ever before. This promotion is relevant to charity. Every Year In July, from 1st to 31th, jeulia always launch this promotion, and this activity has been going on for 2 years. For each order in July, we will donate two percent of sales to OPS( Oceanic Preservation Society). Till now, our achievement is encouraging. We have contributed to planting 250 trees and improved the lives of millions of animals and marine animals! But it just starts, and we will keep doing it.

Jeulia Giving Back Sale

As the world changes around us, we must rethink the way we live and the way we give back. The mark we make on the world is as important as the beautiful jewelry we make. Here at Jeulia, we feel the privilege and duty to give back to organizations that we believe are making a difference in the world. We are proud to kick off the partnership with Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS), Give Back to Nature, and World Animal Protection.

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