The Starry Night Jewelry—Art and Life

Do you know…? Of course, you know, nobody would have no idea about The Starry Night totally. Maybe someone has ignored that famous artist before, but after his tragic death. He getting known by the world. He is Vincent Van Gogh. One of the greatest post-impressionists’ painters.  

The Starry Night is painted in June 1889. Van Gogh was in the hospital at that time, but he was allowed to paint in the ground-floor studio. He was surfing in illness, he lives with pain and darkness, but he expresses the happiness and beauty to the public through his pain. There won’t be the second artist like him anymore.  

We got a lot of inspirations from him and his work. Our designer helps us to create these beautiful pieces. The Starry Night Jewelry composes the art and life, give us a deep impression and movement. It’s time to take a look at The Starry Night Jewelry with me. 

The Starry Night  Rings

The Starry Night Ring is matched with the rope pattern circle, the little starry night painting was rounded by 33 bling stones, gold color and white stone have a good effect on that print. No matter who wears this eye-catching ring. The guy will full of sense of art. Just like that person take a piece of art on the walk, I really love this. 

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Giving Back with Commonweal Organizations Start with Me

Aloha! My dear friends. Today, I’m going to sharing you this good news with you. Some guys may notice them from our website, but some are not yet. We have cooperated with some commonweal organizations.  This behavior aims at making the world better. They’re Oceanic Preservation Society, Give Back to Nature and World Animal Protection. Although we are a kind of jewelry firm, but we believe that only gather the little strength then can we build the huge power. We supposed to try our best to encourage more people join us, to make things being better. Now it’s time to show you how these things going. 


Giving Back with Oceanic Preservation Society 

Oceanic Preservation Society, OPS is a nonprofit organization committed to sustainability and the preservation of our oceans. Their famous documentary The Cove, which has a great social impact. Together with OPS, we are determined to purify the seawater and create a better living environment for marine life. Now, it’s your turn. We donated $2.00 per unit sale of each product in the Marine Collection and Mermaid Collection. That means we could make efforts to protect our ocean together if you like. Under your kind help, we would create a better marine environment. Marine conservation equals our obligation, purify the seawater and create a better living environment for marine life with us now! 

Necklace of Marine Collection
Necklace of Marine Collection

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Jeulia Newest Design Jewelry For 2021

Jeulia Continues to bring the newest designs in 2021, lately, our items are becoming abundant, you will love jeulia latest silver designs which are exclusive. Choose from a wide range of rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets in silver jewelry. Here is the newest design from our famous designers. Please appreciate the splendid achievement from jeulia newest designs.

1.eulia “Summer Fruit” Strawberry Design Sterling Silver Earring

Jeulia "Summer Fruit" Strawberry Design Sterling Silver Earrings

2.Jeulia “Magic at Midnight” Skull Design Quartz Pink Leather Watch with Mother-of-Pearl Dial

Jeulia "Magic at Midnight" Skull Design Quartz Pink Leather Watch with Mother-of-Pearl Dial

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