Jeulia Jewelry New Products Release 2018

Jeulia jewelry has always been favored deeply by all customers worldwide. To serve all our customers better, jeulia jewelry still struggles to promote itself too. Jeulia plans to input more resource on new product releasing in 2018, lately, jeulia’s first new product 2018 is ready to list, the process of these new pieces has approached to end. It consists of two series, Artemis Collection and Amore Collection.

Jeulia Jewelry


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Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

It is the wedding season from Jan to Feb in every year, the weather becomes warm gradually and most of the lovers are willing to host their wedding or engagement during the two months. There are plenty of things to think about before buying an engagement ring – even before you decide to propose. It’s not just a ring for your partner, and it’s a piece of jewelry that she’ll always have with her forever. But try not to get overwhelmed with pressure, just take some time to decide on the perfect engagement ring.

Two Tone Heart Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Two Tone Heart Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring $130.00

Stay Within Your Budget

We’ve all heard the outdated rule that you should spend at least three months of your salary on an engagement ring. But who says this will necessarily be the right engagement ring? The most important things are finding the right style and preference for your bride-to-be, whether you spend three months of your salary or just a few days! It’s a personal decision, and that is up to you and whichever ring you fall in love with.

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Jan 2018 Coupons

Hello, everyone! 2018 has arrived, jeulia prepared the best New Year gift for our old and new customer, which is our free coupon code.

Jeulia Personalized Jewelry


In this month, jeulia personalized jewelry has been renewed. Personalized jewelry has become a popular trending lately, more people love to custom exclusive jewelry including rings, necklace, bracelet to voice their impressed story. we believe that there must be a special story behind each of the emotion.

Jeulia’s original heart is the angle of love, jeulia are willing to carve the moment for anyone with our most sincere sincerity and deliver their precious love, kinship, and friendship to the one whom they cherish when people give us a beautiful story. Our personalized jewelry has witnessed the sweet love, pure friendship, strong kinship on some vital occasion, such as proposal, birthday, anniversary and wedding, and they will accompany them in the lifetime.

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