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Write For JeuliaBlog And Get Abundant Payment

If you have a hobby of writing and excellent literary talent, now you can make the best of the advantage and earn money by it. Jeulia blog is finding outstanding articles. welcome to share your talent with us! Once your article is published on jeuliablog, you will get paid from jeulia. it can be directly paid by paypal.

Here is the detail

  • Writing Requirements

the whole words no less than 300

there are no other ads in the article, such as links, anchor text of a link, brand name, brand logo

the language should be English

it must be created completely by yourself and didn’t be published on other websites

the content should be positive and comply with relevant law

please pay attention to the value and the flash point of the article, we want to see its advantages

  • Publish Details

please understand that we will do some modifications to your article to cater to our needs

your article title will be regarded as the link of your article, (eg: https://blog.jeulia.com/2017/09/hello-world/) so please think a perfect title for it

  • Contact Information

send your passage to fashionblogger@jeulia.net, the email title should be “jeulia blog article”

  • The Payment

$20 for one post

we will reply to you quickly if we receive your passage, and if the title should be changed, we will inform you at the first opportunity.