Jeulia Spring Jewelry Trends 2020

With the weather getting warmer, spring 2020 is coming. No one could stop people’s love of good things, such as jewelry. Say goodbye to cold winter, you need to refresh your jewelry-box immediately and date with your best friends, or enjoy a romantic afternoon-tea in this beautiful season. Jeulia spring jewelry trends 2020 offers a special discount for all, 10% off sitewide & buy one get one 30% off. Of course, we offer the delicate free-package for any order. This will be a good chance to refresh your jewelry style.

About the spring jewelry trends 2020, most of women love the big and vivid jewelry. If the jewelry contains elements from spring, it could not be better.

Jeulia top sellers in spring 2020

Maybe you like this one – Jeulia Butterfly Shaped Sterling Silver Ring, the big butterfly symbolizes the vitality of life and could catch eyeball easily, rose gold is the trending color in 2020

Jeulia Butterfly Shaped Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Butterfly Shaped Sterling Silver Ring

Another solitaire ring –  Jeulia “Delicious Coffee” Halo Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Ring, it is different from traditional white sapphire rings. Abundant color could embellish your hand-shape, and enlarge your sparkle.

Jeulia "Delicious Coffee" Halo Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia “Delicious Coffee” Halo Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Ring

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Special Christmas Gifts For Loved Ones

There is no experience greater than waking up on a Christmas morning to find a small box underneath a tree or in a stocking. Inside those little boxes are gifts that are among the most remarkable and highly sought-after at Christmas. Presenting your loved ones with the best Christmas gift, it could be a ring, bracelet, necklace, or any other. An attractive piece of jewelry is the best way to extend your season’s greetings. So, how do you select the perfect jewelry option for your loved one during Christmas? Read on, to find out.

Christmas Tree

Charm Bracelet

These types of brackets are casual, unequaled, and customized gifts. When thinking of the right jewelry to offer your loved ones, go for charms that would constantly remind you why you cherish them. Whether you like Bangles or bracelets, charm Jewelry is the ideal way to custom your gift for them on your Christmas gift list.

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Jeulia Jewelry Black Friday Sale 2019

Jeulia Black Friday

With time going on, the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, jeulia still offers several amazing discounts for all our customers. In 2019 Black Friday, we offer the discount including 15% off sitewide and buy one get one 50% off. Jeulia is rooted in the ideology of shopping more and saving more, so you could feel free to buy everything you like on jeulia. Offering the top quality jewelry is our business, even though it has a big discount. All products from jeulia could enjoy 30-day returns and 1-year warranty, and our customer service department is available 24 hours.

On jeulia, these products are worth shopping, including wedding rings, skull rings, moissanite rings, and all jewelry gifts. 15% off sitewide is our biggest discount in the whole year, you will have to wait for the next year if you miss out on it! Jeulia jewelry has been approved by 1 billion customers, and the percent of the old customers is up to 80%! The Facebook score is 4.3, which overs 90% of competitors. Check now for our customer reviews collection!